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Getting the Angle on Inclinometers

Presented by Geokon's Geotechnical Service Engineer, Rob Clark

Session 1, Inclinometers 101: Installation and Monitoring Techniques

This webinar provides a summary of the inclinometer monitoring system and will include a discussion of inclinometer components, suggested methods for installation of the inclinometer casings, and suggested methods for performing manual measurements with inclinometers.  The material is intended to provide a basic overview of the instrument and help guide the user in getting the most value out of a properly selected and installed inclinometer system.  Subsequent webinars will delve deeper into the plotting and evaluation of the data associated with the inclinometer.

Session 2, Inclinometers 201: Data Evaluation & Case Histories

This webinar provides a continued discussion of the use of the inclinometer system.  In the first half of this discussion, inclinometer data evaluation and plotting examples will be shared, along with identifying and dealing with common errors that can develop with the inclinometer systems.  The second half of this webinar will be a presentation of case histories with examples of some good inclinometer experiences and some not so much.


Rob Clark, P.E., Geotechnical Services Engineer, Geokon

Rob has more than 30 years of instrumentation experience in the design and installation of an assortment of instrument types.  Many of these years were spent in the consulting industry where he served as an instrumentation specialist for a variety of small to large scale monitoring programs.   He has worked in the instrumentation industry on many facets of the monitoring programs, ranging from development of plans and specifications, through design and procurement of instrument systems, to installation and monitoring, to the final product of evaluation and presentation of data.  He has installed over 100 inclinometers casings throughout his career.  He currently works with Geokon customers providing field assistance for installations and in-house data evaluation, including inclinometer data.


Members $50, Non-members $150.

Cost includes both Part 1 and Part 2 of the course. Registered attendees will have access to all recorded sessions and handout materials through CalGeo's Online Learning Library.

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