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Get Involved

CalGeo offers a number of ways to get involved and gain valuable leadership experience. We’re always looking for enthusiastic professionals who share CalGeo’s commitment to the industry and want to lend support. The time commitment is often less than you think. Choose a committee and subject that are of interest to you then jump in on some of our committee conference calls and make a difference!

CalGeo is structured into 7 committees that address various issues and conduct the organization’s business. Find one that meets your interests and get involved today!


This committee is focused on growing our program offerings and may have sub-committees and assignments related to:

  • Conference
  • Regional Meetings
  • Short courses
  • Emerging Professionals
  • Project Awards
  • Scholarships


This committee is tasked with broadening and expanding CalGeo's membership through marketing & communication. With both Affiliate and Organizational member liaisons you can get to know our other members and bring their concerns to the forefront.


Oversee CalGeo's investment strategy as well as the committee structure and collaboration with the Executive Director.


This committee's focus includes all outreach activities including:

  • Student outreach to high school, community college and college to increase their knowledge and awareness of the geo-profession
  • Cooperation and attendance at other conferences and organization events outside of CalGeo (GBA, ASCE-GI, AEG etc.)
  • Salary Survey overview

Labor Relations

CalGeo's goal is to assist our membership in dealing with the unionization of the geo-professional industry through education and requirements.


This committee includes technician affairs including:

  • Loss Prevention Seminars
  • Creation of a Technician Training video series

As well as other technical advisory efforts including:

  • Revision of the RGE exam materials
  • Promoting research programs relevant to CalGeo design, practice, and construction issues.
  • Establishing white papers for the industry and membership

Public Policy

To track and inform CalGeo member firms of pending legislation and propositions that may impact our profession in a positive or negative way. Committee will coordinate with ACEC on long-term goals.