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September 2018

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  1. Fall Regional Dinner Meetings
  2. Emerging Professional Meeting & Web-cast
  3. How to be more efficient at work
  4. Looking for a change? CalGeo's Job Board
  5. Renew or Join CalGeo
  6. Salary Survey has arrived
  7. LPILE Seminar - SOLD OUT! But wait...
  8. Welcome our new members
  9. Upcoming events - now includes ASCE events and more!

Fall Regional Dinner Meetings

Join us on October 9th in Burbank and October 25th in Sacramento for our fall regional dinner meetings.

Evaluation of Liquefaction Induced Building Settlement

Presented by Dr. Jonathan D. Bray, Ph.D., P.E., NAE, Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence, University of California, Berkeley

Jonathan Bray is the Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence at the University of California, Berkeley.  He earned engineering degrees from West Point, Stanford, and Berkeley.  Dr. Bray is a registered professional civil engineer and has served as a consultant on several important engineering projects and peer review panels. He has authored more than 300 research publications.  His expertise includes the seismic performance of earth structures, seismic site response, liquefaction and ground failure and its effects on structures, earthquake fault rupture propagation, and post-event reconnaissance. 

Significant settlement and damage may occur due to liquefaction of soils beneath shallow-founded buildings. Liquefaction-induced settlement of buildings on shallow foundations requires evaluation of shear-induced, volumetric-induced, and ejecta-induced ground settlement mechanisms. There are simplified procedures available for estimating volumetric-induced settlement, which are largely due to post-liquefaction one-dimensional reconsolidation settlement for free-field conditions. However, there are few well-established simplified procedures for estimating shear-induced building settlement due to liquefaction. Nonlinear dynamic soil-structure interaction (SSI) effective stress analyses can capture this mechanism (e.g., Luque & Bray 2017). It is the basis for a recently developed procedure by Bray & Macedo (2017) for estimating the shear-induced component of liquefaction-induced building settlement. The liquefaction-induced building settlement (LBS) index characterizes the cyclic shear strain potential of the soils underlying the structure to estimate shear-induced liquefaction building settlement. The Bray & Macedo (2017) procedure is shown to provide estimates of liquefaction-induced building settlement consistent with those observed. Thus, it offers engineers a reliable simplified procedure for estimating liquefaction-induced building displacements. The Bray & Macedo (2017) simplified procedure is discussed and applied to a field case history to provide insights in this talk.

Cost: $45 CalGeo Members, $60 Non-members, $20 Full-time students.

Program: 6:00pm Registration, 6:30 Dinner, 7:15 Presentation, 8:30 Conclusion

All attendees must pre-register on-line by October 5th (Burbank meeting) and October 22nd (Sacramento meeting)

REGISTER FOR BURBANK MEETING OCT. 9th, DeBelle Golf Course Canyon Grille


 Sponsorships available! Click registration link above and select Affiliate sponsor.

Emerging Professional Meeting & Web-cast

CalGeo's Emerging Professional meetings will now be web-cast to offices in other locations if you are not able to attend locally in Sacramento. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month and include a casual dinner with other young professionals. Invited speakers present on their topic for roughly an hour.

Join us at North Natomas library in the Sacramento area on September 19th for an informative talk delving into the topic of:

Dynamic properties and applications of lightweight cellular concrete (LCC)

Presented by: Tyler Bodnar, PE – California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA);  Akash Dhaliwal, EIT – Cell-Crete Corporation

CNCA has partnered with owners, designers, and contractors such as Cell-Crete to highlight the variety of uses for lightweight cellular concrete in our built environment.  Engineers have been specifying this flowable material to save time and mitigate unique project challenges.  This presentation will cover LCC mix design basics, logistical benefits, geotechnical applications, cellular fill material properties, and utility and pipe work applications.

Cost: $20 Professionals, Free for students!

Please RSVP by e-mailing: [email protected]

If you are interested in watching this talk via webinar and meeting with other Emerging Professionals in Southern California, we will be live-streaming the event to small meetings in LA & OC. Contact Neal Berliner for information on the LA meeting and Mike Moscrop for information on the OC meeting.

If you would like to host a web-cast in your office, please contact Kelly Cabal for information on how to register for the webcast.

How to be more efficient at work

By Dave Copeland on August 26, 2018 on Work+Money

Set Three (or Four, or Five) Goals at the Start of Every Day

This was by far the most common piece of advice offered by our efficiency experts. They all offered different strategies and different ways of setting goals, but the reasoning was usually the same: Being efficient means finishing what you set out to do and not getting distracted by tasks that come up during the course of the day.

The Power of Goals

Knowing what you need to accomplish before the day begins is the best defense against missing your daily goal.

“When you force yourself to be deliberate about what you are doing, you can get more strategic and make sure the truly important things get done,” said Fiona Adler, who writes about entrepreneurship at

She adds: “It can be as simple as using a Post-it Note and writing your top actions out for the next day before you finish work. There are also systems which allow you to do this online and share your actions with your team. Either way, if you know exactly what you are going to work on before you start, you'll be a lot more productive.”

Know Your Own Work Rhythms

Eileen Roth, author of “Organizing For Dummies,” says different people are productive at different times of the day. Knowing when you work best and when you are less efficient can help you squeeze more productivity out of each workday.

Divide your workday to peak and non-peak time, and attack your daily to-do list when you’ll be most effective.

“Peak time is your best, most energetic time of the day. This is when to work on your priorities,” Roth said. “Non-peak time is for routine things like accounting or data entry or returning phone calls.”

Read more at Work+Money >>

Looking for a change? Check out CalGeo's Job Board

Don't forget to bookmark our job-board to check out new posts each month. Looks like California is in need of some good engineers and geologists.

Tell any students you know about our Cue Career page and CalGeo chapters so we can feed this hungry market.

We have partnered with Cue Career to create some videos about young professionals and recently graduating students coming out of college. Take a look and forward to your friends!

Consider donating to our student chapters as they try and compete in the Geo-Wall competition, host speakers and events at their college and attend CalGeo's Annual Conference.

Student chapter information will be updated once school is back up and running. Check back on our student outreach page for up-to-date info!

If you would like to volunteer to speak at one of the student chapter informal dinner meetings, please e-mail Neal Berliner, our student coordinator.

Membership renewal still open

Many of you have already renewed your membership through our on-line system which is great. If you have forgotten, here is your official reminder! You can access any open invoices through your member portal on our website or just send us a quick e-mail.

Easy options to renew your membership (or join us!):

E-mail: An e-mail was sent out on August 1st to the key contacts of all organizational members. Click on the link in the e-mail to update your company information and number of employees. An invoice based on last year's numbers is attached to the e-mail if nothing has changed.

Login: Click the links below or visit our home page (bottom right) for links to renew. You will be required to login if you are renewing and your previous information will populate the form. Don't forget to add other employees under the Linked Profiles and the optional donation to our general or student fund.

Old-school: You can always call or e-mail if you have questions or want to update your information over the phone. You can mail a check to our address below (*New address as of November 2017)

CalGeo: 1048 Irvine Ave. #994, Newport Beach, CA 92660 Tel: 949-391-2GEO (2436)


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Salary Survey has arrived

We had a record 54 companies submit information for our salary survey this year! The salary survey is finished and was mailed out to participating organizations on August 22nd. If you participated but did not receive your copy please contact Kelly asap.

Didn't get a chance to participate? No worries, there is always next year! 

Click HERE to purchase our salary survey (data from 2017). Please note: CalGeo's salary survey is available to Members ONLY! Just another reason to join us.

LPILE Seminar SOLD OUT! But wait...

We quickly realized that our one-day LPILE Seminar on October 18th was popular when it completely sold out within a week and a half!

This is obviously a popular topic and we will be holding another seminar in early 2019 hopefully in two locations: Sacramento/Bay Area and Orange County. If you would like to be put on a waiting list to be the first to know, please send us a quick e-mail with your contact information.

Welcome our newest members

CalGeo is very excited to announce that the following organizations have joined for 2018/19:

Join us in welcoming our newest Affiliate member Condon Johnson!


About CJA: For more than 30 years, we have provided highly competitive foundation systems for commercial, heavy and industrial projects throughout the western United States, from offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. In working with both public agencies and private industry, our persistent search for the most economical and innovative solution has been, and remains, the cornerstone of our success.

What sets CJA apart is our willingness and ability to provide a complete package from design to piling or drilled shafts to shoring, structural excavation, and structural concrete.

Upcoming Events & Webinars - CalGeo's Calendar is a one-stop shop

September 19 EP Meeting, Sacramento

Do you live in SoCal? Join the webcast of the meeting in LA or OC. Click HERE to e-mail Neal Berliner regarding an LA web broadcast and HERE to e-mail Mike Moscrop for an OC location webcast.

October 9 SoCal Regional Dinner Meeting w/ Dr. Bray, Burbank

October 18 LPILE and GroupPile 1-day hands-on seminar by Ensoft, Los Angeles (LAX) SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for a repeat in Sacramento and Orange County in early 2019

October 24-27 Deep Foundations Institute Annual Conference, Anaheim

October 25 NorCal Regional Dinner meeting w/ Dr. Bray, Sacramento

Save the date - Details coming soon:

SoCal Loss Prevention Seminar January 26, 2019

NorCal Loss Prevention Seminar February 9, 2019