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Legislative Update

CalGeo Leads Efforts To Clarify California Code
CalGeo had a conference call with the State Board of Engineers to discuss the status and how to move forward with CalGeo’s proposed language modifications to the California Code of Regulations (CCR) 461 to clarify the importance of engineering oversight when it comes to construction materials testing and inspection. The following two bullets summarize the State Board’s current thoughts/position:

• The board understands our concern regarding geotechnical testing being performed without engineering oversight, but is concerned about unintended consequences with other engineering disciplines if we change the existing language.

• There have not been specific issues/cases with regards to testing without engineering oversight brought to the board for consideration. Therefore, the board recommends that CalGeo provide specific instances where a technician is performing tests without engineering oversight and/or an agency is providing oversight but is not qualified to provide such services. Then let the interpretation of the existing code language play out, all considering that the board regulates engineers but not testing labs.

The CalGeo Board of Director’s will discuss how to proceed with these efforts given the above.

CalGeo Joins Coalition To Oppose SB 66
CalGeo joined a coalition of engineering, surveying and architecture associations to oppose SB 66, which would allow the California Community College Chancellor access to all Department of Consumer Affairs records including social security numbers. The governor signed the bill despite the coalition’s efforts including a suggested veto and limiting the information to the last four digits of social security numbers. The coalition is currently reviewing a potential “Opt Out Letter” to inform the Sate Engineering Board that thy do not have the permission to provide our information to third parties including the California Community College Chancellor. We will provide the letter to CalGeo membership when it has been approved by the coalition. The coalition is also pursuing a cleanup bill to limit the information to the last four digits of the social security number.

Quality Based Selection and Duty-to-Defend Reform
CalGeo continues to work with ACEC and other associations on getting the word out regarding Quality Based Selection and how to proceed with Duty-to-Defend contract language reforms. We will keep the CalGeo membership updated on these two important issues in the upcoming year.

2017 Bill Tracking
The State Legislature convened on December 5, 2016, with new bills to be introduced through February 2017. The CalGeo Legislative Committee will continue to review new legislation for bills that could impact our membership and meet with like-minded professional organizations to strategize support and oppose efforts.

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