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Legislative Update – March 2017

CalGeo routinely meets with other California professional engineering and architecture associations to discuss legislation and build coalitions to enact, oppose and support new bills. Following, are bills that CalGeo is currently following.

SB 423 (Canella)
Senate Bill 423 is a spot bill sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Consultants (ACEC) as a follow-up to last year’s efforts to reform unfair indemnification contract language used by many public agencies. ACEC is currently meeting with opposition parties to work out acceptable language. CalGeo strongly supports ACEC’s efforts in this area. We will report specific bill language to CalGeo’s membership when it becomes available.

SB 640 (Hertzberg)
Senate Bill 640 would impose new taxes on services, which could include professional engineering services. CalGeo opposes taxes on engineering services and will strongly oppose this bill when/if necessary.

AB 199 (Chu)
Assembly Bill 199 would require residential projects built on property that are built pursuant to an agreement with the state or a political subdivision to meet the requirement of “public works,” and therefore require the payment of prevailing wages. CalGeo strongly opposes this bill and has joined a coalition led by the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) to fight this legislation.

AB 1053 (Calderon)
Assembly Bill 1053 is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in an effort to limit the information provided to the California Community Colleges by the Department of Consumer Affairs to information already maintained by the Department of Consumer Affairs. This bill is a result of legislation passed last year (SB 66), which allows the California Community College Chancellor access to all Department of Consumer Affairs records for registered engineers. CalGeo opposed SB 66 and supports AB 1053 to limit unnecessary sharing of our information to others.

AB 1628 (Grayson)
Assembly Bill 1628 would declare the intent of the State Legislature to enact legislation to prohibit the use of independent contractors on public works projects. CalGeo strongly opposes such limitations and will oppose any such legislation.

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