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Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM PDT
Category: Emerging Professionals

Northern California Emerging Professionals Meeting

Engineered Unpaved Roads

By: Davis Jones, PhD
Associate Director of the University of California Pavement Research Center
Davis, CA

Presentation Synopsis:

There are over a million miles of unpaved roads in the USA, many fundamental to the national economy. Numerous specifications are used for selecting materials used on them. The basis for these specifications is often not clear, and most do not provide any indication of expected performance across the full range of the grading and plasticity index envelopes. Observations on many roads in the United States that met federal or local material specifications often showed that poor performance, specifically in terms of washboarding and raveling, was common. These distresses are expensive to maintain, can lead to rapid loss of material, and can result in vehicle damage from loose stones. This presentation will introduce a simple method of interpreting unpaved road material properties (using grading analysis and Atterberg Limit test results) to get an indication of likely performance and how chemical treatments can be used to extend the life of unpaved roads. Although successfully adopted and implemented in many countries, there has been only limited use of the approach in the United States. Using this approach, an analysis of various grading and plasticity index envelope combinations that meet commonly used specifications in the United States showed that poor performing materials can still easily meet the specifications.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. David Jones is the Associate Director of the University of California Pavement Research Center in Davis California, where he manages research into sustainable road and airfield design with special interest in in-place pavement recycling, the use of recycled materials in pavement layers, low-volume road management, and permeable pavements. He works closely with federal, state, and local road agencies to implement research findings, evaluate performance, and to refine life-cycle costs and life-cycle environmental impacts of the various initiatives.

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